Nano Brows

Nano Brows

When it comes to eyebrow tattooing, you actually have several options to choose from here at The Micropigment Studio. While microblading remains a popular option, why not consider Nano brows?  It’s a safer and longer-lasting alternative to microblading. Nano brows ARE the new microblading!


Nano brows,  also called micropigmentation, is a type of cosmetic tattoo that  naturally enhances the shape of your brows. It’s done with a machine that uses a very fine, single needle to etch hair-like strokes that enhances the shape of your brows and fills in sparse areas.


The small nano needle size makes it a much gentler option to microblading and allows me to create precise, realistic hairstrokes that look  just beautiful!


The end result looks the same as that of microblading, but it doesn’t deposit the pigment too deeply,  just in the upper layer of the dermal layer of the skin..


Why Choose The Micropigment Studio in Capitola for Nano Brows?


 Well, first of all, come to the beautiful beach in Capitola!.  I have over 25 years of experience creating hairstroke brows, which is really just a permanent cosmetic technique, but the needles are so fine and  precise now that it is difficult to detect permanent makeup, it looks so real.  


With a strong background as a location makeup artist working in video and photographic makeup artistry, I can create a design and custom color that is just right for you.  I take my  time to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the result, no session is rushed.  


Soft and natural permanent makeup, or a bit more dramatic.

If you’re based in Capitola, Los Gatos, Danville, Saratoga, or Hillsborough, reach 831-251-7229 and book your appointment now!