You must be over the age of 18


You cannot have permanent make-up if you are pregnant or nursing.


You may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol the day of 

your procedure in my studio.


Note: If you already have permanent make-up from another technician that you feel needs correcting, you must send a photo first to see if it is something I want to take on. Please take the photo outdoors, in natural light and be sure to show me front and both sides. 

You can text it to me here: 831 251-7229 with your name and approximate date you had the procedure. I respond within 24 hours between clients.


Permanent make-up is cosmetic tattooing, the pigment is inserted into the dermal layer of the skin using needles and sometimes a blade, either by hand or machine. I use a machine for some procedures and also a manual hand tool for others.


If you have a tendency to keloid scar, permanent make-up is not for you.


Permanent make-up is a process and may require 2 or more sessions to achieve the desired results.

There are many factors that determine how well pigment retains in the skin such as the overall health of the individual, age, skin density, hydration, smoking, previous and post sun exposure, chlorine pools, starting and stopping medications, previous permanent make-up treatments, as well as exposure to any exfoliants and failure to diligently follow the proper aftercare provided for you.


A follow-up visit is included in the cost, 4-6 weeks later to “fine tune” the results. You may need a bit more here or there, more color or color undertone adjustment, and so forth. It is important that you keep your follow-up appointment and any additional sessions you may need, in order to have a wonderful outcome.


You may require additional sessions, initially, and in the future to keep it fresh, as it fades and lightens over time.

There is a charge for additional sessions.


Your procedure area will look dark and unnatural looking when you first leave the studio. This is temporary and will lighten and shed in the first several days. By about 8-10 days you should be loving it!


If you ever have an MRI you need to tell the technician you have permanent make-up. 1 in 1,000 people may experience a tingling or burning sensation under an MRI, due to the inert iron oxides in the pigment, the technician will know what precautions to take. 


You may not donate blood for one year following your permanent make-up procedure. (per Red Cross) 


Sometimes unwanted undertones may occur due to sun exposure and various other factors. Unwanted undertones can be remedied by a color corrector treatment or lightened and the color and undertone then adjusted, and in some cases removed with pigment removal sessions. 

The other only option for removal is laser. 


After your treatment, you must take precautions to keep the procedure area clean and free from infection. If you experience an infection, you must be sure to inform your physician immediately. 


The permanent make-up site may take two weeks or more to heal, & will continue to heal in weeks following.


Purchase a good quality sunblock for your brows and lips and avoid direct sunlight on your procedure areas going forward.


And finally, I ask that you be on time for your treatments. If you are late, that time comes off your session. I cannot run over on the next client and keep them waiting. I begin and end on time. 


48 hour notification is expected if you must reschedule your session. You may be put on a waiting list, as I limit how many clients I take on in a week. 


If you miss your scheduled appointment, you will be charged for it.

What You Need Know Before Your Procedure