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Cosmetic Tattooing at The Micropigment Studio

Cosmetic tattooing, also known as micropigmentation, involves tattooing the upper layer of the skin with pigment to give it color.

. With this procedure, you can easily enhance your eyes, lips, scalp, eyebrows, and more.


Eyebrow Tattoos


One of the most popular cosmetic tattooing procedures is eyebrow tattoos.  The most common way of doing it is through microblading, feather touch, or hair stroke. We use small blades and very fine needles to create pigmented strokes on the eyebrows. These fine strokes can give a “hair-like” appearance and leave you with more shapely and filled eyebrows.

Another popular method for eyebrow tattooing is Ombré. It is a powdered tattoo look that resembles eyebrow makeup and is done for light or uneven eyebrows. We use a combination of both these styles called combo brows that create a 3D effect.


Eyeliner Tattoo


Eyeliner tattoos are a common alternative to regular makeup. It is done to enhance the lash line and give the appearance of bigger eyes. It’s a great waterproof option for people who wear eyeliner daily. The pigments used in the procedure are entirely safe for sensitive eyelid skin.


Lip Tattoo


A lip tattoo can add the ideal shade to your lips. It’s the best way to give the permanent illusion of full and shapely lips. You can choose any color for your lips – it can be as subtle or bold as you want it. We use full lip stains to help you achieve your perfect desired look.


Scalp Tattoo


People suffering from alopecia or other diseases that cause chronic hair loss can benefit from scalp tattoos. Our experts carefully tattoo the scalp to cover bald spots and give the appearance of a full head of hair.

Why Choose The Micropigment Studio?


Are you too busy to have a daily makeup routine? Do you have an unsteady hand that gives you uneven makeup? Do you want to enhance your appearance? If yes, cosmetic tattooing is the best option for you.

If you’re based in Capitola, Danville, Los Gatos, Saratoga, or Hillsboro, you can get the best cosmetic tattoos at The Micropigment Studio.  

  1. Expewrtly trained technician and makeup artist

  2. 100% safety

  3. Sterilized equipment

  4. Expert advice and suitability analysis

  5. Guaranteed results

  6. Maintenance tips

  7. Long-lasting effects

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